Flat fish

30 Sep
#Linocut #Print I love fish! Better print to follow...

#Linocut #Print
I love fish!
Better print to follow…

Cut at home,I had to dance on this to press out the design so will have a better go tomorrow in the workshop.

Lemon sole (with added lemons!) on a willow pattern plate.

#linocut #print #fish

Back from Cornwall…

28 Sep

..but the weather’s still fine so I don’t mind!  :)

Here’s a few more images done for Twitter’s #paintseptember – what a fantastic month it turned out to be.

Running Hare 001

Water colour Hare Wet on wet painting favoured by Rachel Toll whose wonderful work includes many hares! :)

My camera has broken so using the web cam means everything is back to front! A holiday cottage on the harbour wall at Polperro, North Cornwall.

My camera has broken so using the web cam means everything is back to front!
A holiday cottage on the harbour wall at Polperro, North Cornwall.

Oil on a Cornish slate pebble.

Oil on a Cornish slate pebble.

Oil painting on a Cornish pebble.

Oil painting on a Cornish pebble.

Yes, the last two pictures are odd ones but I have ordered a new camera which is winging its way as we speak!

The webcam reverses every mage and wasn’t too happy about focusing on the subject hence me putting me face in view!

Polruan sketchbook

25 Sep Polruan fishing boats

On holiday for a week with friends in Cornwall.

Not much work to do (or done), just some little sketches.

The plants  sketched Sketchng tiny clff plants, Polruan Making round shaped, cliff path, Polruan Fowey estuary The walk to the beach, Fowey Polruan fishing boats Mevagissy ferry Mevagissy fisherman

The tiny harbour used by the Fowey to Polruan taxi had a low tide when we waited for the Mevagissy ferry to come along.

The tiny harbour used by the Fowey to Polruan taxi had a low tide when we waited for the Mevagissy ferry to come along.

Water colour in Moleskine

Herring gull making lunch out of a star fish – #paintseptember

See the video of the star fish tussle.

me sipping tea at the Fowey Hotel

The wonderful world of Rachel Toll

12 Sep


After a compulsory early start to Friday (waving people off to Mexico), I decided to make the most of it and travelled to Devon for the day.  Devon Open Studios is in full swing, and with the Indian summer we are experiencing, it was perfect.

Exmouth beach was littered with shells as the morning tide receded, the predominant being the white bivalves which I put to good use.

The sun was just burning though the morning mist as I walked the beach.

The sun was just burning though the morning mist as I walked the beach.


The iron oxide-rich earth around this most ancient part of the Jurassic coast tints the area. Little pink bubbles were left in shells as the sea receded.


After my fix of sand, I made my way toward Credington to meet Rachel Toll.  Rachel paints beautiful water colours, my favourites being her animal portraits which have such energy and presence.  Her style is loose and energetic with a focus on the eye, drawing the viewer in.


I am in love with one of her latest works, Otter.

Rachel Toll, twitter - 0tter

Rachel put the kettle on when I arrived at her Coleford cottage and we chatted as I leafed through her collection of water colours.

Rachel Toll and some of her hung work

Rachel was working on a red squirrel painting when I visited.

Rachel Toll, red squirrel

She also puts as much life into her landscape studies and it came as no surprise to hear she had sold work worldwide.

Rachel Toll, dusk owl

Of course, it was impossible to leave without buying one piece.  Here it is, one of Rachel’s wonderful hares.


Man Saving a Fish

11 Sep

It was back in June that I was in Swanage and saw a visitor paddling out to a weedy spot where a Herring Gull had dropped its lunch.  A beautiful Sea Bass was flapping in a centimetre of water, the hot sun blazing down on it.  I thought the man was going to take the fish home for supper (it was large enough), but no, he threw it back into the sea!


Actual image size 39 X 39 cms

Hand pulled

Printed on 300 gsm water colour paper

It is now September and it is only now I have finally come to settle on these colours.

I used more literal ones at first and they did not sit well (apart from being too heavy-handed).

Swanage - Spanish tourist being a fish hero.

Here is the man himself.

Of course, some artistic license has been taken!

I made the piece more intimate by pulling some of the surrounding rocks into focus and bringing the sea

into view (although it was not far out of shot).

The weather was hot (as was the rest of the month) but the seas were rough upon our arrival due to big storms out at sea.


10 Sep

No posts for ages and then two come along at once.  Sorry about that.

After only producing 2 prints of yesterdays lino cut reduction, it seemed only right I give it another go.


Keeping the format of three Chinese Lanterns, I have varied the composition a little.

This first print was a good sign.


The finished result.


Of course, it turned out the best prints (in my opinion) came from the brown paper used to wrap the

Fabriano paper bought for the job!  :)

Printed on Fabriano 200 gsm (not) and cheap brown packing paper.

The first breath of autumn

10 Sep

To celebrate the start of those beautiful misty mornings which burn off into crystal blue days, a reduction lino print of physalis – something I have always associated with the time of year.  It is the beautiful Chinese Lanterns and their vivid orange which really please me but it was more of a challenge (and fun) to have the outer pods worn away to reveal the intricate lacing of veins and orange ball of seeds.


Reduction lino cut print

Reduction lino cut print

An experimentation of colours and papers was used but I think I prefer the 200 gsm (not) Fabriano paper with almost turquoise blue backdrop.

Am about to start another today, with a similar trio of pods against the sky.

(The trouble with reduction printing is that often only a few make it to the final post and this was no exception).


Print summer

13 Jul

No access to the print workshop has meant me testing out all my latest designs using just one of two colours and hand pulling.  Sometimes it can be good to have tight parameters as it forces someone with a creative mind to have boundaries – sometimes not!

The first detailed cut, using just print from start to finish is taken from a visit to West Bay in Dorset.

The boats were jostling each other in the harbour.

West Bay fishing boats

You will be seeing a great deal of this blue in the next images!  (The printers ink is expensive).  You have been warned.  :)

Polperro Harbour


The printing of the Cornish fishing village of Polperro was a surprise.

I thought the houses were going to be the better part but, if I were to crop this, would choose the prosaic bottom left section with all it’s buckets and tat.

Burnham-on-Sea lighthouse

There is a nautical theme developing here – something to do with the summer, no doubt.


Sticking with water in the next print, this was carved from a ply wood sheet.

It was a bit of an experiment and one which needs more work.  I wanted the wood grain to show through.  It has not.

It has been wire brushed and I intend to use the collograph press in the workshop if normal lino printing presses do not work.

Fishy feet



Moths – to be part of a larger piece – eventually.


And, finally, I have finished off the summer by printing a present for an old and special friend.  She is a dog lover.

Westie – in blue!




Most of the first part of 2014 (and the end of 2013) has been spent working in the print workshop.

My main love has been lino-cutting. The carving, quick inking up and results are so good for the way I like to work.

The result? Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

Most designs have been made into cards and are available to buy directly from me at £ 2 each

(with a further £ 2 to cover packing and postage if you select one of the packs at the bottom of the web page).

Please click here


???????????????????????????????  Wake UP!Hermit Crab

Lino print and mixed media cards

Lino print and mixed media cards

Lino print and mixed media cards

Lino print and mixed media cards


 Oh yes, I also did a little etching too!  :)




Ancient and Neolithic Landscapes

5 Jul

Ancient and Neolithic Landscapes

Living near to Stonehenge and Avebury, not to mention the Roman settlement Aquae Sulis AKA Bath, has led to the idea of its history being deep in my soul.

Silbury Hill

Oil on board 457 X 356 mm £ 300
The last few days of May took me to this ancient site just outside Avebury.  A blustering day, the jackdaws glided effortlessly on the winds as an unseen skylark warbled.
I assume this hill was originally a mott and bailey castle which over time has slumped and become a victim of human erosion.  The actual hill does not stand as acutely as this now, but I have included the pathways worn into the hillside as a testament to human traffic and how it acts.

Available as a card

Fine art print

​Oil on board 457 X 356 mm £ 300

The last few days of May took me to this ancient site just outside Avebury.  I assume this hill had been used as a Mott and bailey castle at some points but believe it pre-dates this era.  The hill has over time slumped and become a victim of human erosion.  The actual hill does not stand as acutely as depicted in the painting, and there are pathways and slumping worn into the hillside as a testament to time and recent human traffic.

Avebury Causeway

The second in the Avebury series, this is the stone causeway leading south away from the main stone circles. Up as early as I, the jackdaws were already in the sky as was a half moon. It was just us and the sheep, what with it being 4:30 a.m.
Oil on board 500 X 500 cm

£ 350 including mount and wooden frame

Fine art prints

Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill – experienced

50 X 50 cms oil on board

There were still cowslips growing in the long grasses by the pathway.

Re-visitng the hill after the Avebury trip it was very early in the morning.  Maybe it was just the chill or tiredness, or maybe the song in the car about a spaceship and the wood pigeon keeping pace with me in the crystal skies – it all added up to an out of body experience.

£ 350 including mount and wooden frame


The iconic Stonehenge in Amesbury.

I do not believe the ancient people who erected these stones worshipped the sun; more that they realised the importance of the effect of the seasons and how profoundly it affected their tenuous lives.  They were individually as intelligent as we are today, but without the benefit of our accumulated wisdom and access to technology.

The Henge has a double circle, originally fully topped with flat stones.  When the wind blew over them, they would have made a low reverberation of a sound, rather like that of a person blowing over the top of a bottle.  This coupled with instruments being played and the taking of hallucinogens would have combined to make quite an experience.  Looking at bone fragments found on site, it is estimated the Henge was a collaboration of people from far and wide, a concord of tribes showing what the human will can combine to create.  It was probable later people travelled from the continent to find magic and healing here.

Thomas Hardy wrote about the ominous sound the Henge made in ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles when Tess is arrested by the police, hiding out in the centre.

In this painting, I have purposefully ‘pushed’ the Henge up by bending the ground to reach the sky in honour of the intentions of the clever and forward seeing folk who built it.

Oil on wooden board 37 X 20 cms approx.

Oils and ceramics, 2012

29 Aug
Working on an abstract series looking at the landscape where I live, these 50X50 and 60X60 oils are an emotional exploration.

??????????????????????Please click here to see more, 2013 work.


Sea Urchin

Mixed media ceramic

30X0 cm. oil on canvas

Cherry Blossom

Donated to a local charity, Super-Dream; aiming to send children with special needs to Disneyland, Paris.

Fangtooth, mixed media (sgraffito) original.

Five for Silver

mixed media ceramic


Three Muses

40X50 cms oil on canvas

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