Summer Totes


To celebrate the start of our new blog

we’ve got some pretty (and useful)

offers for the summer.

These three cards have been selected for their summer or seaside theme and are blank inside for your own message.

Each one comes wrapped with a natural brown envelops made from recycled material.


The tote bags are made from 100% cotton and may be machine washed at 40 degrees.


Hand printed

21 Mar

A friend suggested putting my new lino cut designs on tote bags.

If you have seen my previous post you will already know about them.

They are all hand printed using Hawthorne relief printing inks rolled on a design hand cut by me.

(There is a short video of me in the workshop making them).

Well, here they are; the first trial prints of the four designs, and for a very reasonable price! :)

me with bag small

One has been test-driven today, and it passed with flying colours.

Snapshot 1 (21-03-2015 14-35)

I found the good thing about these is they fold easily into a hand bag; they hold quite a bit of shopping or folders (art work in my case) and, being cotton, they are a natural product.

So much better than the ubiquitous plastic carrier.

Here they are on wix to buy directly from me. X

A different kind of print

18 Mar

Do you remember the square prints I posted about recently?

Line of washing small

Well, this is what I did with them next.

First off, the ink printed from the previous session was set and washed.

(Sounds like a hairstyle my Nan used to have). :)

Being pleased with how the calico took the oil-based relief printing ink, I bought in some blank tote bags and cut a fresh design based on another few words I really like; this time from the Beatles song,

Tomorrow Never Knows

‘But listen to the colour of your dreams
It is not leaving, it is not leaving’

Do you dream in colour small

Do we dream in colour?  I think so.

Liking the ‘not black’ colour of the ink, the same colour (with the occasional tiny tweak) has been used for each design.

The mind is everything, tote bag, small

Want to see more?

Here’s a short You Tube video :)

Oh, and if you want to buy one, here we go, the web site.

Introduction video

14 Mar

I was asked to make an introduction video

by a new host.

Don’t worry, I’ve kept it short and put in lots of pretty pictures and sounds. :)

for intro video

Calico printing

11 Mar One fish, two fish

Using Hawthorne relief printing inks, I took three new lino cuts and printed them onto calico.

First I needed to wash the material to remove the coating, which is designed to keep the material stiff.

I noticed that despite machine washing at a 30 degree C, the calico also changed shape a little, so it is wise to wash prior to printing for this reason alone.

2 lino cut designs on calico - shoot for the moon and the mind is everything.

These are the two lino cuts which I think have already been posted about.

The fish lino was finished cutting at 11:45 Tuesday night ready for the Wednesday workshop session.

Why do things always seem to be left until the last minute?

fish lino small 2

 I really enjoy the lightly softer edges on the lines when printed on calico and the way the weave is just apparent when viewed closely.One fish, two fish

The next thing is to iron the reverse of the material to help set the ink.

Then, I am going to put them through the washing machine (gulp)!

Have a feeling I will be gritting my teeth for the full washing cycle!


9 Mar
Water colour on Fabriano

Water colour on Fabriano

Shoot for the Moon

8 Mar

For International Women’s Day

The designing, cutting and proof printing of a lino cut.

Inspirational words with turn of the century images.

star woman


4 Mar Polar bear

It’s a new month and a new theme for the Twitter daily challenge.

This month is #animalmarch

and it’s proving to be a favourite.

There is a danger that I will post mainly our dog, Tilly, (and Twitter has been warned),

but also trying to get a bit wild while I’m at it.

Hand-pulled lino cut print

28 Feb

It was after some friends and I were chatting about how self-belief and a positive mind-set can strongly influence a life that I came across this quotation.  It is attributed to Buddha, according to the internet, and of course we all know what you read here is all true. :)

However, I liked the words and thought they might be good woven into a decorative image.

Here is a short video showing the proof making.

the mind is everything twist

Beautiful boundaries

21 Feb DSCF6433

“It’s funny how the beauty of art has so much more to do with the frame than the artwork itself.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Choke    


Can you tell I’m happy with the new frames courtesy of Roundstone Framing, at Hilperton Marsh?

I think the happy face says it all.

I know Mike spent ages on making these look so good and I think it shows.

Thank you so much to Mike and Jan at Roundstone Framing.  You have done them proud! :)

These are off to the Karina Goodman Gallery in Matlock, Derbyshire.  I can’t wait to see what they look like on her walls.


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